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Our line of aluminum gooseneck trailers offers easy pulling and an appealing look, as well as the legendary durability that Barrett Trailers is known for. Dependability and quality are among the many benefits that come with any Barrett gooseneck livestock trailer, and now we have a 10-year structural warranty to back it up.

Every Barrett Trailer comes standard with our 5-bar aluminum tread plate floor. This floor is the best floor in the industry and we have been using it for over 25 years. Ensure that you are transporting your livestock with confidence and security in mind.

No matter what your need or capacity, we have a full line of gooseneck livestock trailers that will meet your needs. Find out more below or contact us with any questions.

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Smooth Slatside Series

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  • Slatside-1.png
  • Smooth-Slatside-1.png
  • Smooth-Slatside-2.png
  • Smooth-Slatside-3.png
  • Smooth-Slatside-4.png
  • Smooth-Slatside-5.png
  • Smooth-Slatside-6.png
  • Smooth-Slatside-7.png
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Slatside Series

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  • 12-Windbreaker-Nose-w-Signage.jpg
  • DSCN0037.JPG
  • DSCN0039.jpg
  • DSCN0041.JPG
  • Full-Open-Gate.jpg
  • Full-Open-Gate-with-slide-gate.jpg
  • Full-Open-Gate-with-swing-gate.jpg
  • Full-Open-Rear-Gate-with-slide-gate.jpg
  • IMG_7072.png
  • IMG_7073.png
  • IMG_7076.png
  • IMG_7277.png
  • IMG_7278.png
  • IMG_7280.png
  • IMG_7286.png
  • IMG_7287.png
  • Slatside-Interior.png
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Punchside Series

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  • Barrett-Trailers---floating-gate.jpg
  • Barrett-Trailers-PGN-20.png
  • DSC_5121.png
  • DSC_5122.png
  • DSC_5124.png
  • DSC_5125.png
  • Full-Open-Center-Gate.jpg
  • Full-Open-Rear-Gate-with-slide-gate-PGN.jpg
  • IMG_7546.JPG
  • IMG_7549.JPG
  • IMG_7550.JPG
  • IMG_7551.JPG
  • IMG_7552.JPG
  • IMG_7553.JPG
  • IMG_7554.JPG
  • IMG_7555.JPG
  • PGN-24-1.png
  • PGN-24-2.png
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Construction Features
  • Trailer lengths at 20'-0", 24'-0", 28'-0", 30'-0", 32'-0", and 36'-0"
  • Smooth slat, slatside, or punchside construction
  • Corrugated 5-Bar aluminum treadplate floor
  • Tapered nose with rounded top rails
  • 12" windbreaker nose on SGN models
  • Trailer widths to 8'-0"
  • Trailer heights to 7'-6"
  • One-piece aluminum roof
Suspension Features
  • 2 5/16" adjustable coupler
  • Dexter 7,000 lb. or 8,000 lb. torsion axles (2 or 3)
  • 16 or 17.5 wheels with 10 ply or 14 ply tires (depending on size)
  • (8) bolt hubs
  • Single landing leg
Gates / Doors
  • Full-opening rear door with 1/2 slide
  • Heavy-duty, full opening center gates (1,2 or 3) w/ outside release
  • Full-height side door - curbside
Safety Features
  • DOT Required Lighting quantities and locations
  • DOT Required Reflective Tape
  • LED "bullet" style lights
  • Rubber dock bumper

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Construction Features
  • Flat 5-Bar aluminum treadplate floor
  • Tapered Nose with stainless or painted panels
  • Roof liner
  • Improved 6" crossmember spacing
  • 3" Floor risers
  • Winter enclosure panels and storage
  • Round or rectangular vents
  • Nose mounted signage
Suspension Features
  • 3" adjustable coupler
  • 19.5 Boar Wheels with 16 ply tires
  • Other optional wheel/tire arrangements
  • Dual landing legs
  • Spare wheel/tire
Gates / Doors
  • Full-opening rear door with 1/2 roll-up
  • Full-opening rear door with 1/2 slide and cam locks
  • Double rear doors
  • Float Gates
  • Full-height side door - streetside
  • Side and rear loading ramps
Safety Features
  • Additional lights
  • Traditional rectangular style LED light fixtures
  • Work lights
  • Backup lights

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