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PURCELL, Okla. (Friday, March 17, 2017) – Barrett Trailers, LLC, an industry leader in gooseneck livestock trailer and semi livestock trailer manufacturing, is pleased to announce a major upgrade to our liquid paint/coating system for all critical components and mild steel components. Barrett is now applying a high performance epoxy, manufactured by Excaliber Coatings, with a great track record and excellent results in the transportation industry.

For the finish coat applications, Barrett now utilizes a Level-3 urethane, called Platinum Series High Build, for high durability and excellent color and gloss retention. This one-two combination of epoxy and urethane will provide excellent long term service with good resistance to liquid de-icers and the day-to-day rigors of hauling livestock. This paint system will be a major upgrade to the previous paint system, and will provide years of great performance and customer satisfaction.

About Barrett Trailers: Barrett Trailers, owned by Stoughton Trailers, is a leading manufacturer of the highest-quality, all-aluminum livestock trailers on the American market. Barrett specializes in gooseneck and ground load trailers as well as semi-trailers for transporting hogs and cattle. The company challenges the industry with products valued for their design, craftsmanship and performance, and prides itself on meeting customer demands for quality, value and safety. For more information, visit

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