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Backed by Stoughton Trailers' van business, the Platinum Series grain hopper provides a larger volume than most grain trailers, allowing the customer to better utilize volume prices and lower their bottom line.

Constructed of corrosion resistant materials, the "easy-opening" 2-stage door significantly decreases the amount of torque required by the operator to begin emptying the load.

Standard on all Platinum Series, aluminum sub-frame grain hoppers are hot dipped, galvanized steel supports which connect the subframe to the crossmembers. In combination with the aluminum subframe, this offers a more durable and corrosion resistant solution.

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Aluminum Grain Hoppers

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  • HotDipGalvanizedSteelSupports.png
  • HotDipGalvanizedUpperCoupler.png
  • Mini-LEDWorkLights.png
  • PlatinumSeriesSSPlatedMudFlaps.png

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  • Base Model - AHV-401T-AR-A
  • Aluminum Ag Hopper Van - 40' x 68", tandem axle
  • The specs listed below are for the Base Model
Construction Features
  • 40'-0" trailer length
  • 96" trailer width
  • 68" trailer height based from top of tarp bows with 48" 5th wheel height
  • 20,000 lb. brake rating per axle
  • 1,100 bushel capacity
  • Open top roof with truss-style galvanized pipe tarp bows
Suspension Features
  • Holland CBX23 air ride mounted to an aluminum suspension subframe
  • Manual dump value and pressure gauge in box
  • Holland Atlas 55 landing gear with Black Armor Finish
  • Fixed location - aluminum suspension subframe
  • 5" deep coupler with full width 1/4" lower plates
  • 22.5 x 8.25 hub-piloted steel disc - pre-painted white
  • Polished outers/unpolished inners
  • Stemco Guardian oil steals and Stemco vented hub caps
Safety Features
  • 16-1/2" x 7" air brakes with Haldex automatic slack adjusters, 3030 brake chambers
  • 24" wide anti-sail mud flaps
  • 2 rows of 5 LED lights on each side (with lifetime warranty)
  • 29" x 31" trap with 24" ground clearance
  • .125" thick aluminum funnel and .080" aluminum upper slope sheets
  • Stainless steel 2 stage trap

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  • 34'-0" and 42'-0" trailer lengths
  • 102" trailer width
  • 74" and 80" trailer heights
  • Up to 1900 Cu. Ft. for largest trailer.

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