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Barrett Trailers is the manufacturer of the finest all-aluminum hog and livestock gooseneck trailers, groundload trailers, and semi-trailers. Whatever capacity you're looking for, Barrett has a full line of either slatside or punchside trailers that will meet your demands for quality, value, and safety.

Reliable and Strong Gooseneck livestock trailer
 Reliable and Strong!

Barrett offers lightweight all aluminum gooseneck trailers for livestock transportation. These trailers are not only great looking and easy pulling but they are also built with the legendary toughness of Barrett Trailers.

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Hog Hauling
Slatside and Punchside Aluminum Trailers from Barrett
Slatside and Punchside

We have built specialty aluminum trailers for nearly every major hog producer in the U.S.  If you have a need that someone else's off-the-rack unit won't fulfill, then call your local Barrett Trailers Dealer today.

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Semis for Livestock
Punchside or Slatside Gooseneck livestock trailer from Barrett
Punchside or Slatside Aluminum Trailers

Barrett's semi trailer line consists of the all aluminum "Eagle" punch side livestock trailer and the all aluminum "Legend" slat side livestock trailer. Both have a substantial list of standard features and come in a variety of models for your specific needs.

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